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Super cute and super fun! The author has a great sense of humor. The romance is adorable as are the two main characters.
I recommend this manga so highly. It's romantic and touching and funny - and you find yourself cheering for both characters. The artwork is among the best if not THE best of any I've seen on this site, and I've read .... a lot. I mean a LOT. The story is full and detailed and evolves so you get to know the characters and care about them. There isn't a lot of sex, but when the two do get physical, it's soooo affecting. The seme is so sweet and charming and in love, you root so hard for him, and the subject of his affection is also a great guy. There's no cruelty or SM behavior or heavy drama, just a great love story. The romance is through the roof. You have to read both books. As I mentioned earlier the artwork is just gorgeous. There are moments of perfectly timed, brilliant, laugh-out-loud humor scattered throughout. Seriously, if you only ever read one manga series on this site, make it these two books. I hope hope hope the author creates many more.
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