zombifiedxlover's Reviews & Ratings

Not worth it... the bf is awful to do that just due to insecurities and the gf is awful for being so happy-go-lucky and forgiving... also it is way too short
Dives right in.. super fast. No background at all. But still sucked me in with just one chapter. Hard thing to do. I hope the following chapters can both answer questions and keep up in the interest department.
Eh... started off good but then it was muddy and lazy writing the rest of the time. Wish there was more because the end was definitely a turning point and there was more for improvement.
Not great in character build. ML is a definite sadist and player and shows no interest in FL other than her body. Barely has any character build, the art is ok, and the storyline is basic. Could've been better.
Good story but felt too short. More could've been added to extend the story.
It was pretty good, but it would be better if it didn't leave any plot holes like who the criminal was or even leaving the criminal at large!
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