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There's a plot. It isn't apparent in the first chapter, but there is one. Lonely guy seeking voice that comforted him in his youth (or something similar) ends up unknowingly next door to the guy who he believes that voice belonged to - so all those feelings come forward (which is why part one happened the way it did with him going so easily with the flow). Of course, it doesn't seem like Asami remembers, so drama - drama - drama. All in all, seems like it will deal with fears of abandonment and the difference between the comfort found in another person's body versus those had in a relationship - typical erotic romance sex first plot line, but I think pace of the romantic plot line is (as is typical) a bit slower to form and as it wasn't as clear from the get-go, I can see why someone might write this one off as smut for smut when that's not really the case.
Two people finding their way to each other in a kinky manner. Wonderful character development and very hot smut.
For all his 'I won't tells' the guy basically gives away the gay with everything he does, so the top is not only manipulative but a complete liar if he isn't an idiot. Not satisfying. I kept getting angry at the top for being manipulative and the bottom for being naive enough to not just say 'F this - the way you cling to me will lead to rumors regardless, so go obsess over the next gay boy you decide to f*ck.'
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this one yet. It's amazing! I love tops who cross-dress. Being in touch with their feminine side often makes for sweet smut, and Hibiki isn't shy in the least about professing his affection. Communication is generally straightforward though there are some hiccups as comes when someone who thought they were straight realizes they aren't. Adorable and heart-warming, two people falling in love!
Short and quick stories - great for a one-time read through, and if you want several short stories, this is a good book as the characters have decent development, but I only liked two of the couples which were the first two pairs.
This is okay. There's a lot of hinting at past events without confirming the exacts, and so traumas aren't necessarily dealt with. The main characters do end up communicating and the student apologizes for pushing the teacher which is unique. An middle story, but one I don't think I'd revisit.
For all that happens, the emotion is lackluster for the most part. You'll be as disappointed as Ginji.
I avoided this because it was right up my alley - opposites (physically, personality wise - AHHH!) and an immediate attraction with their love perspectives being different (one expecting a physical connection only and the other refusing with the desire for a romantic (despite not having any plans to have either with the one who 'fell' first)). There's depth to the characters without any ridiculous info drops or tragedies (so far), but they have clear personalities and even the secondary characters are multidimensional. Beautifully done and I hate that I couldn't wait for it to be completed before reading as I'm going to be pulling my hair out waiting for the next chapter! Delightful torture - but torture nonetheless.
Conflicted - this is a one shot and it really feels like we needed more information, but I guess it is all there on the last page. Chiaki got poached. Would like to see the plotting from the other side.
It was okay. The Bro Love got more intense on the side I wasn't expecting, but at least nothing actually happened there.
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