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Conflicted - this is a one shot and it really feels like we needed more information, but I guess it is all there on the last page. Chiaki got poached. Would like to see the plotting from the other side.
It was okay. The Bro Love got more intense on the side I wasn't expecting, but at least nothing actually happened there.
I loved this story, but that ending didn't feel like an ending. It felt more like we were back to the middle, so the last 2-3 are basically pointless.
Everything is fade to black. Nothing really intense - kissing is as far as it goes and there are some illusions to other stuff (in bed together after but all covered etc). Cute but I expected depth where there wasn't smut, and there was neither.
Totally reverse positions from what I expected, but I guess I'm a fan of the guy who was mistaken as the girl as a kid topping (and they struck me as reversible), so I was a bit surprised to see the opposite was true. Anyway - a lot of shorts. A bit shallow but cute. Worth the $2 but not more.
Loved the other in this series. Loved this one. A heartbreakingly sweet look at the internal struggle when you fall for someone you know isn't capable of loving you back in the same way, so you push down your true feelings to keep the love they are capable of giving you and accepting from you in return.
Cute, quick, and simple - I appreciate the minimal drama and that the characters were given depths through side scenes which showed why they did what they did and how they grew together.
My brain just buzzed with boredom the whole way through. It's a familiar trope, but the characters are extremely one-dimensional.
Hot and sweet and perfect! I definitely recommend this story! It takes a bit, but the two main characters work out their issues, and in some ways, it's a lot more realistic than half the stuff we see in this genre.
Was so proud of the uke when he kicked him in the balls....and then I was so disappointed in everyone else who pushed them back together. Listen to the other reviews and skip this one.
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