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Blurb makes the tropes very obvious; however, it turns them on their heads and is self-aware. There are some times where it follows, and half-way through I railed against it being so stereotypical, but that's where it changed. Arisu can be surprisingly sincere. There's also more background to the characters than most of this trope provide.I also appreciate that both characters call out the worst parts of the trope and pointed address them, analyzing why they go the ways they do before proceeding. Sometimes communication makes all the difference. Could've done with a few more pages at the end to continue that scene, but I get why they cut it short.
A+ for rebellious and independent omega, D- for empty narration, alpha thinking he's better than his partner, and immediate wanton omega. Art looks good, but it gets busy and crowded on some pages, leaving it an interesting contrast to the predictable and trite stereotyping.All in all - not bad, not great. Just left me feeling hollow and bored.
First story was good, but it felt too short. The rest of them all felt too fast and very one-dimensional. The drawing style was a bit too cutesy for my liking (more cutesy than the cover suggests), and some of the formatting (especially in Slugger) came across as awkward due to the similarities in the character designs. Crossposting this review to Baka Updates as Renta! seems to take down negative reviews.
karink333 is right. It's kind of empty feeling. Not much happens, and a one-shot would've summed it up pretty easily. If it was going to be a whole book, they could've explored the high school friends more and less as a way to inspire less than satisfying smut. All in all, rushed relationships that had 0 emotional depth and a lot of convenience. Not worth renting.
Lacks completion - parts of two romances and that's about it. You get a sense where one might end up but never any 'affirmation' if you know what I mean.
Weird and squicky - like dub con weirdness. There are cute moments, and if it progressed on those, it could be interesting, but it's a freight train dragging a body along and not a relationship.
Brother on brother - that absolutely ruined it for me. The story wasn't that great either, but with the twins going at made it impossible to finish this. Wish that Renta! had warnings for that and noncon.
A hodgepodge collection of stories. Some were very cute (the one on the cover) and others were rushed. Decent to rent, but somewhat unsatisfying.
Both stories are pretty vapid. Empty and disappointing. Noncon involved in the first, and some pretty shallow reasoning throughout.
This whole thing is ridiculous. Take the clumsy cliche to the max where it isn't just a bad p*rno plot but sheer meme-town.
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