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This surely took a quick turn to the dark side. Like that title ain't messing around. Like this is an actual yandere Male lead. Not that soft core crap either. I'm talking about crossdressing to gain your trust and drug you yandere. Definitely do not read if you can't handle the protagonist being passionately hugged without her consent, the big R, to be exact. Very much interested in seeing what happen next and how she'll react to finding he had a ding ding instead. Read if you interested in the dark yandere!
I'll be honest, I had disregarded this series because I prefer reading romance manga more than anything. However, I've been on a isekai high for a good while and it won out one day. I decided to try the first book, however soon found out I was down by a couple hundred coins as this is amazing.The heroine, for starters, isn't like the typical other female leads you may stumble upon. She's smart, crafty, and unbelievably strong. What I adore about her is that she's not even the shy, white lotus type of gal either or tsundere type. She is flawed in the way where she doesn't do things for the greater good but because she lives for herself. Also, the story does include a reverse harem but it's not romantic. It is hilarious. Do give it a read - worth your time and money. 10/10 will read again.
I absolutely adore this manga. The heroine knows exactly what shes getting into and adapted to her new living. It was also refreshing to see the main lead fall for her first rather than the other way around. The cost is worth the read!
It's so cute! I thought it would be cliche with the guy bullying the girl, but nope. I mean the guy still angry, but when you read his thoughts - cute!Also the female lead is my spirit animal.
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