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The premise is that the protag, because hes been a virgin until his 30s, got a gift of seeing everyone without their clothes (and for some reason could touch their genitalia accidentally through the clothes too, so clothes on people just dont exist for him at all?) but his love interest is, somehow, the only one still with clothes. could be a good premise, right? but no. they went nowhere with this gimmick!! why is his lover the only one still clothed!? who and what gave him the ability?!!? is every virgin above 30 getting this 'gift' too?? how does that even work!?!?! oh guess what. no explanation!! and then the conflict was just him getting jealous bc the blond was surrounded by girls... the good part about this is that the top is prettier while the bottom is this guy with beard but... eh... the porn isnt that great either.
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