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One of my favourite Yuuki Hinase's books. The first story is very funny and you laugh a lot, but in muy opinion the second one is the best. Very japanese. Worth reading forever!
Wow! The art is excellent and the story is very intriguing. A small masterpiece. I really love it. If you like manga I would definitely recommend this.
One of my favourites here in Renta. Both story and art are very very cute. Riko and Akito are so sweet. Definitely five stars!
It seems it's going to be a very funny rom com. The characters seem very peculiar causing hilarious situations. We'll see how the male lead will win over the girl. I'm waiting for next chapters!
Both plot and characters are very interesting. I would have liked going on reading the story. It's a pity there aren't more volumes so far in Renta. I would definitely buy the complete series of seven volumes if they were here. Worth reading!. Five stars!
Excellent art and stories as always in Yuuki Hinase's books. It has three funny stories. The first one is the main story of the cover. The second one is about a girl who thinks that her boyfriend is cheating on her. In the third the female lead realizes that she's in love with her childhood friend when he has to go abroad. Worth reading! Five stars.
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