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3.5 stars. It's a cute story, but so short it felt rushed. I love this mangaka so I really wish this had been a full length story. I bet it would have made a really sweet, smexy story with more of the beginning and after. As it was, I never did fully warm up to the dad, who we only got glimpses of by himself, and some things are left up in the air. Like usual, the art is pretty and the babies are so adorable. It's expensive for the length, but I did rent then buy.
I couldn't quite round this up to 5 stars, but it was a cute collection of stories. The title story was filled with the awkwardness and brain damage of puberty lol. The other stories were shorter. One was about a couple who'd been together since high school still working out the kinks, and the other was about a divorcee and a catboy who needed a home. They were all funny with pretty art like the other book on Renta. I rented then bought.
So yeah, this is just adorable smut. Only one couple in this story. No drama, just two guys falling in love with lots of smexy times and a little misunderstanding. We get a flashback in the last chapter which is nice. The art is nice, and the uke is beautiful. The seme is cute though his "mustache" is kinda sad lol. Worth the points IMO. Solid recommend for smexy fluff.
This collection has three somewhat bittersweet stories. The title piece has some extra chapters at the end, one of which seems like it should have been with the first part. The stories aren't full of angst or drama, but there's a feeling of uncertainty throughout most of the story. I love the Wrapped Around Your Little Finger series by this author because over the course of 10+ volumes, you get to see the full arc of the relationship and the characters are well developed. Obviously, it's hard to get the same emotional payout with short stories like this manga, though I would have been glad to read more of them. I think if this author could have made some of the stories full novels by themselves, it would be easier to feel more of the happy part of the relationships, though I think the ghost story was always going to feel sad. The art is beautiful like usual. I really like this author so I did buy instead of rent.
2.5 stars. A decent, emotional story. Pretty art, but fairly average story. A little smut at the end. I'd recommend renting, not purchasing.
I really liked the author's first book on Renta (How Can I Find Love...). The last one and this one I haven't liked as much. This story felt like it was missing parts between the beginning and the confession. It happens so quickly you don't get to see them (well Shunji) actually fall in love, and there's no flashbacks to fill in the gaps. Most of the story is about them trying to get their legs under them as a couple. It's still a cute story with a one shot at the end for a side character. The art is pretty as usual. I've bought the other two books, but I'm not sure yet about this one.
Like some of the author's other books, this is an emotional story. The art is an older style, but still pretty with some dreamy scenes. Very little smut, this is a character driven story about one sided crushes and crossed wires. There's a bittersweet one shot at the end about lost loves and maybe the start of a new one. I enjoyed the book though I only rented and didn't buy it.
3.5 stars. The first story is my favorite. There's something cute about an earnest seme who, directly upon meeting the uke, lays it all out there. There is real emotion though, in all the stories. The second one is a bittersweet mountain demon tale. The third is about a mentor and apprentice sculptor. The art is good, however in the first story, there was unusual shading (or lack of shading) by the inner eyes and occasionally under the nose. At first it looked like what some artists do to indicate a puff of breath, like an irregular shape of white. I did get used to it by the end of the story. The 2nd and 3rd stories did not have it as much.
Well, I read this because Ayumu was the only character I liked in Self Portrait. However, he's still the only character I liked in this book but mainly I just felt sorry for him. The seme was pretty terrible. Like my issue with the first book, the only emotional connection I felt was Ayumu's crush on his friend (who I like better as a side character in this story) . Even his eventual love for the seme didn't feel good. And I felt nothing from the seme. The only real glimpse you get of his feelings is at the end when they finally know how each other feels.Also, all the smut is serious dubcon until the end. The last scene before they confess is noncon to the point Ayumu has a flashback of it after they're together. All in all, despite it being about a better character, this was worse than the first. Definite rental, not buy, and I wouldn't even recommend that tbh.
3.5 stars. It was a surprisingly emotional story. Or maybe my reaction was surprisingly emotional? I thought it was going to be more silly, which it was a bit at the beginning, but it got more serious about halfway through. Obviously, they end up together, but I still finished the story with a bittersweet feeling. Maybe if there had been more after they became a couple, I would have felt more settled. Like in other work, the art is pretty. This was just a rental for me, not a buy.
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