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Adorable smut. That's really all there is to say. Lots of smexy times with an uke who can't get enough and a seme who thinks he's the cutest ever. The high school romance with flashbacks to how they started out is a story that's been told before, but it's done well here. All the stories are about the main couple, though two of the short stories are from different character's viewpoints, and the last one is a bit... well, taboo? Blurring some boundaries for sure. All in all, definitely worth the buy IMO.
A fun collection of stories. The main story jumps right in. No subtlety whatsoever. Just pure, smutty, lighthearted fun with basically no drama. It's also the longest. I loved it. Most of the stories are the same, but there was a dark back story for a character in the second story. It's not very detailed (I think it's covered in one to two pages) but TRIGGER WARNING for family and sexual assault. The stories are all good and happy, and the art is great. Everybody's cute and blushing. I do wish some of the one shots had been longer to better see the couples after they got together, but still worth the buy IMO.
A cute collection of pure and smutty love stories. Some are a couple chapters, others only one. Some stories have no smexy times, others that's basically all you get (nothing too graphic), but it's always clear there's love in every story. I kind of wish there were fewer one shots, so some stories could have had more chapters. I rented this. I'm debating whether to buy it. I probably will as I love cute stories. And animal ears.
I normally like this formula, but it kind of made me... sad? There were funny moments throughout, and it finally got cute in the last chapter, when you got to see from the tsundere's viewpoint. Overall, it felt bittersweet to me which is weird because the story itself isn't that sad. I don't know. I'm glad I only rented. Also, the art was kind of unusual. Proportions were off sometimes. An MC would be standing and his foot would be the same size as his head. There were some Ken Barbie anatomical moments, which is odd because there was the normal censor stuff during smexy times. Bodies were also strongly drawn so sometimes things like fingers looked skeletal. Not bad art, but it didn't flow like I'm used to.
This was a compilation of short stories. They were cute enough, but I kind of felt like they were incomplete, and weren't very satisfying. I think fewer stories that were more fleshed out would have been better.
I gave this a 3. It might be a 3.5, but I couldn't round up. Books 1, 2, and 5 are about the couple in the description. It's a light, cute story, with some funny moments, and a small bit of drama. Not very graphic. I'd give it a 4. Books 3 and 4 are pretty much all about two side characters and it's... complicated. It gave me feels, but I'm not really sure what kind, and there isn't a conclusion to their story, but that might be good thing? Idk, but it brought it down a star for me.
An enjoyable workplace romance. I rented then purchased the series. I could have done with a bit more romance from the H. I like sadistic boyfriends to actually care about their partners before they mess with them as much as this guy did. It took him a while to figure it out. I've read through book 7, and as another reviewer said, it could end there, though I would love to see more of them as a couple since we only got a glimpse in book 7. However, there are some unfinished plot points that make me nervous, mainly *** SPOILER *** the step-mom. First, the H needs to tell the h stat. Also, I feel like whatever is going on with his family is going to play a bigger role in their story. Maybe the S-M was only introduced to explain the H's past, but since this series still shows as ongoing, I think that chick's coming home to roost.
I thoroughly enjoyed this. It starts with a longer story arc, which is followed by several one shots. Fair warning, yes, there are some sweet stories here. However, they are also smutastic, and aside from the first story, kinda pervy and kinky. The one shots were good. There were a couple I would have liked to read more about. The art is really nice and the characters are both hot and adorable. This is more of "light your fire" kind of book, not a "curl up and grab your heart because they're so cute" kind. I rented then purchased, so I guess I recommend it.
As to be expected from the description, excellent smutty times abound in this manga. The MCs are cute and the art is nice, so good stuff there. However, where this series also shines is how complete of a story we get. Often in romance manga, we only see up until the confession and then the story fades to a HEA with no real details as to what they're like as a couple. In this story, not only do we get a nice buildup to the confessions, (and it's real feelings from both guys; no wishy-washy, vague stuff), but also half of the story is about them getting settled as a couple and how they deal with stuff. I love the glimpses we get of how Akiyoshi feels, and how he likes to tease Tachibana. The only thing I would have liked is more of Akiyoshi's perspective and seeing/understanding his family situation too. There is some drama/angst, but I could handle most of it. This is one of my faves for sure. So in short, it's a hot, sweet story I'll reread. Definitely worth all the points.
This was pure funny and adorable fluff. I wish we could have seen the stories more completed, but they were still lighthearted fun. And FYI, if you're looking for smexy times, look elsewhere. Just kissing here.
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