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The premise is nice and smutty, but it manages to wrap in some sweet fluff and romantic sentiment as well. There are some nice kinks in here, from nipple play to rimming. I love some other works of this author, especially works that contain body worship on an attractive uke (nipple play and rimming), so I decided to check this one out too.
This manga is the mother of ass fetish mangas in yaoi. In fact I don't think I've actually read any other yaoi manga that captures the ass fetish so fully. The relationship develops from an erotic obsession to actual feelings, and the highlight is the sheer eyecandy. Amemiya's ass is the stuff of legends, and he himself is beautiful. I don't blame anyone for being madly attracted to him.
A fabulous manga, one of my favourites and worth the money. Kishiwada is easily one of the best ukes I've ever seen, and I've been reading yaoi forever. Andou is a perfect partner, friend and lover to him. The storyline manages to weave emotion and sweetness alongside its incredibly sexy and funny premise. I do badly need more updates and further translations, will eagerly buy them, please!
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