DarthKristinous's Reviews & Ratings

This is super cute!! Ended a little fast but still good.
Very cute but ended too soon!
ML is so hot! This is so good so far. A caring assassin afraid of love and a FL with nothing to lose, I cannot wait for the next one!
Totally binged this and loved it so much!! So sweet I didn't Want it to end!
It started out kind of cute but then when the guy says he installed a surveillance app on her phone I got creeped out. He was listening in on her and taking her pic. Creeper alert!
This is just so sweet and cute!!! Can't wait for more!
Soooo that's it? We aren't going to find out why he is so anxious and what he is hiding from her? Story was good art was good but I think it ended too quickly.
This story is so good! I cannot wait for the next one!!!
Overall very cute but ending was rushed
This isn't bad it's kind of cute but there are a lot of things not explained just yet. Like why the ex boyfriend/ ML shows up again after all this time apart wanting to marry her. ML is kind of a jerk but hoping they sort out their differences in the end. Even though the plot didn't and I could guess isn't going to do a good job telling us what those differences really were.
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