Monique's Reviews & Ratings

It's a bit awkward and at some points both fast paced and at the same time it's kind of stuck on the same problem. But other than that it's really good - the characters go through development and both have good reasons for how they act. The art is super nice too!
I like the story but the love interest for the character is really bad;; I personally don't like him, she definitely deserves better.(Spoilers for later chapters!!)Especially since he has become so clingy. He keeps doing things that make her uncomfortable and then gets sad when she says she doesn't like it or him. It's pathetic.
It was very fast, a bit sloppy actually and with dubious consent. A somewhat "you owe me sex" kind of thing which I really didn't like and the characters hardly interacted with each other without getting naked. The art is cute though.
Male lead spiked her food after taking her to his home and then chained her.And maybe it's just me but he's real ugly as well.Wish I hadn't spent any points on this
It's so sweet I hope the next chapter comes out soon!
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