Jasmin Nunez's Reviews & Ratings

The art is nice, and the story is simple and straight to the point, so its a perfect short read, but fair warning, it is a bit dry and has no depth, so don't hold it high expectations lol
It was an excellent read imo, the art was nice if a little old fashioned, but it went well together well with the story, and Thea, our FL, was smart and stubborn, my favortie qualities if I'm being honest, while our ML was a handsome a*hole who is transformed by Thea's love and is redeemed by the end. The story flow was concise and it was entertaining.Also, fair warning, there is a lot of woman shaming and Thea is collared at one point, so if things like that bother you, don't read this (although I'm not sure why you'd be surprised considering the time frame this book takes place...)
It was such a good read! I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and the art was nice. It didn't drag on like some stories do, so it matched my tastes perfectly. And, on a side note, I'm glad it ended with Lewy finding some lovin' too!
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