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Ooh love this one! Both MC's personalities are pretty funny and the main guy is hot!! They eat a lot of meat together and it's funny because everything can be an innuendo ahah~ Steamy scenes are great as well, I'm enjoying where the story is going! Would definitely recommend a read.
The art is nice and the premise is interesting hehe~ Also the smut is spicy and the guy is hot!! I like the art, and the plot twist!! Can't wait to read more of this, 10/10 would recommend!
The art is super cute/nice and they really jumped into the steamy scenes in the first chapter... lol. Can't wait to see where this goes!
Oh boy, I rarely write reviews but this one needs 100 more - WHY HAVEN'T MORE PEOPLE READ THIS SERIES? First of all, the art is amaaazing, the dude is super hot and the main girl's interactions are way too relatable!!! I was both giggling and fanning myself at the same time. The sexy scenes are great - the title really fits the series because his teasing is 10/10 quality (both during and outside said steamy scenes hehe)!! I bought these chapters so fast - Only to find out after 4 that it's completed? I was so excited for it to be updated...super disappointed because it feels like it just left off at the end, but I'd still recommend it as a read nonetheless.
This is fantastic- I was anticipating a lot of smut but instead got a fantastic story that's making my heart race! The author is taking their time writing things out, and the recent reveal has me shook! The art is nice and makes you wish you could have a dude in your life as sweet as this guy... He's too good TwT All around 10/10, each chapter will make you curious for more!
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