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Super cute and adorable!! Really love the story~ I am so happy they got together in the end hehe ?? To think that the seme (Kuroe) knew Sonogi way before he was born ? I love it! Hope there is a season 2!! Or a sequel ~
This story is so cute!! Love the couple so much! It is a little bit fast paced but it is alright. (Minor spoiler) I am still salty about the third party kissing the uke asdfghjkl. But I am glad that they talked it out and solved the problem in the end T~T So I gave it 5 stars. Love a relationship where both the couple are honest with each other <3
This is so cute! But I feel that the ending could be better like the uke becoming more clear with his feelings towards the seme because seme is very forward with his feelings to the uke. If the uke would express his feelings more it would be great! :D All in all, a good read and love this.
I have rented this and this is so cute!! This series is marked as completed but at the end of chapter 10, it says 'to be continued'... so I maybe wrong but there might be more? Hopefully there is!! I want to see 2nd story couple (Ryouhei and Mitsu (?)) to have a happy ending ??
Great story (for this whole series). I am not really a fan of stories with rivals but I can deal with this. Really love how Shoyo protected and stayed with Haruma till the very end. Hopefully there is a spin off for Glen as well with his own love story :). Overall a good read!
Not bad! Love the story and it's actually pretty funny haha. Great read but I am still thinking whether or not I should upgrade to permanent so yeah.
This is so cute!! Love the sister haha. The couples in this is adorable, I love it! Great art and smut scenes too, would re-read again
Love this so much!! The uke and seme are so cute awwwww! Love the art too
Omg this is so cute!! The art style is amazing and cute. Really love the art style and storyline.
I really love this author. The story is so cute oh my gawdddd. Hopefully there's more from the author hehe.
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