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Rent don't buy. Cute story I guess, but it lacks substance. There's something a bit of about the flow of the story across some of the pages too. It has a bit of a cute schoolgirl romance kind of feel with almost no drama.
Really cute story with some decent character development but way too short for the price. No bonus content, so I'd rent rather than buy if you feel compelled.
Literally zero plot in the first two chapters. Smut was just okay. The characters seem pretty flimsy and the male lead looks really weird and unattractive during the sex scenes. Honestly I wouldn't waste points on this one.
Fair warning, this is a veeeery slow build romance. So you better settle in if you're planning to read it. That said, omg it's the sweetest student teacher romance manga I've read in such a long time. The MC is very chaste, so it takes I don't even know how many chapters before we even get hints of
Alright, I'll admit it...I'm a sucker for the yakuza-turned-white-night. Sue me. That being said, my love for this manga isn't just the fan service to one of my favorite tropes. Not only is the artwork well-drawn, but the storyline has real substance. The female lead may start out as a bit of a wallflower whose main trait is her down-on-her-luck status, but she has a great character arc and starts to come into her own within the relationship. It's pricey given the sheer number of chapters and fact that it's ongoing but I cannot reccomend this manga enough. There's just enough drama to keep thing interesting (even if it's a little cliche at times). 10/10 have read many times and would read again.
Ugh, listen to the reviews. Look, I'm a huuuuuge fan of the whole step-sibling taboo (part of what got me into manga when I finished Brothers Conflict anime), but it has to have some semblance of a plot. This manga is just a mess and the smut cannot carry the story. I spend a lot on just so-so manga and actually end up enjoying it. But this? Hard pass.
Such a cute little fluff piece. If you love the devoted ML type this is a great, quick read. Only qualm I have is with the price. The art is good and the story/translation is easy to follow but it's really only worth about 100 points to me. Still bough all three volumes though cause I'm a sucker for romances where the MCs meet again after a long time apart!
Great artwork and a good dose of smut, but for the price I really wish there was a bit more to the story. Highly recommend if you're into the novelty of the tiny girlfriend, but if you're looking for a good story there are better pieces.
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