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Fantastic start! It's rare for a good fantasy like this to grace Renta. It's got intrigue and a well layered world without resorting to typical characters with human appearances but animal ears and tails for a touch of fantasy. I hope this updates regularly and not every millennium.
The pacing of this story is SO GOOD! The male lead is so hot and the steamy scenes are really well drawn. Please release the next chapters!
It's controversial, like all S&M stories are. Pacing and art are great! Can't wait for the coming chapters!
I've read until chapter 14 and so far the art style is fantastic. The heat level for the sex is off the charts. The plot is simple but executed well and at a good pace. The characters are amusing too. My only gripe is that the main heroine's ignorance is gonna hurt a lot of people. Once her feelings get into play, she'd have to be a class A idiot or autistic to not have some degree of self awareness and empathy for others. This character flaw in a supposed writer of erotic romance (the heroine)?a book genre supposedly saturated with emotions?is hard to swallow. Ignorance and idiocy are different, so I hope the artist/author quickly differentiates the two as the plot and characters develop. Can't wait for the next chapter. It seems to be taking awhile.
Nice! Keep it coming!
The art is really good, it far outpaces many works here. Some of the artwork on other mangas on this site are appalling. Some readers will be very against forceful guys in stories. However, this fictional style of male lead is very common in Japan (note
Amazing art and the story is so hot! Love it!
Good art, really hot and interesting story thus far! Can't wait for more chapters.
Very well paced and heart pounding!
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