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Ahhh looking forward to the third volume <3 Love Yamada2chome-sensei's works, would love to see more from this author.
Yoooo this was actually really cute. The execution was done nicely and the art was great. I liked the uke's personality; I thought it was funny how he gets competitive and is like FINE, TAKE ME ON A DATE THEN BASTARD (not his exact words) The side story wasn't groundbreaking but still cute. If it was developed more I'm sure I would be a fan (the character designs for the guys with the tattoos got me).
Just read chp 3. Why do I feel like they're getting hotter with every chapter LOL jk it's more like the more you get to know them, the more you'll come to like them. The theme of this manga is preconceived image and the effects it can have on both sides of that judgment. While germaphobia is part of one of the characters, the tone of the story is more light than dark with some serious discussions between the main characters. Overall an enjoyable read, looking forward to more.
To be honest I thought the humor was a bit overdone in the first chapter, but it gets better and you really get attached to the characters by the end. Happy end and was an enjoyable read. Would love to see more from the mangaka!
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