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The barest minimum of a story and sex with a nun. Won-t be reading the second chapter
Normally a fan of JET but this is one to pass on . .
Formulaic story, poor art work - even for a fan of "desert stories" this is a let down
Very short, superficial plot
I really enjoyed this ... something different from the usual billionaire fake engagement pregnant storylines ... A genuine thriller and love story.
This gets a one star - not for the art work but the content and story. Super hot guy, constantly hit on turns to the Plain Jane who keeps rejecting him, essentially forcing himself on her because it "turns him on" to get rejected. An example, cornering her "just admit, you like it, you're as dirty as all the rest of the girls" Hardly appropriate in a #metoo environment.
"Recommended read" but neither the artwork nor the "plot" are to my taste ... just a framework for abuse - very weak initial chapter and will not continue
Even if this turns into a great love story, the first "romantic" encounter involves the main love interest drugging the protagonist
Zero story, hated the premise ... I'm sorry I wasted my money on this
I read this short story of three chapters because I love the artwork and was drawn over from the "Serviceman" series ... I adore Yoshimi ... Rio and his brother Shinobu look a great deal like him so it was the fantastic artwork that drew me. I really like the work of this manga artist ... it's hard to compare the two different series as one is long and multi-layered with a deepening love and this is so short with two brothers fighting over the same girl ... misunderstanding, amnesia ... so not the most original, but well worth a read
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