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I only part-read the first volume. I like tough heroines, and was looking forward to reading this, but the female protagonist just comes off as abusive. It's nice to have the female character be tougher than the males, but there is no joy in reading the lads getting bullied by her. I think it's supposed to be humerous, but to me it just makes the main character completely un-likeable. Will not be buying the rest of the series.
I liked the main character, Alto, as he is adorable, but also really fiesty! It's fun to witness him yell at the people who are jerks towards him! Unfortunately, after getting part way through volume 3, I had to stop reading and abandon this series. There are just too many instances of forced sex, which I find really uncomfortable to read. It's supposed to be sexy, I guess, but to me it just comes off as morbid. Alto is often asking his sexual partner to stop (repeatedly), to no avail, and he seems generally upset. There does seem to be a story to follow, but the main focus here is definitely the sex. I recommend you avoid if you're looking for a fleshed out plot line, but read if you're after a sexy story, and don't mind its dark side.