ikemenkyatcha's Reviews & Ratings

Loving this story so far! Art style is superb and love the childhood friends concept. It's quite funny and the misunderstandings are pulling at my heart, but overall it is quite cute and innocent kind of love between the main characters. I look forward to what happens next!
I really love the art style and storyline. There is much humor in this manga and I love each character as well as the developement of their relationships. I got to admit idol aus are one of my favorites and the plot is so funny to start out with the idea of playing along with the fanfics. I would definitely recommend!
I enjoyed the short story and wish there was more! I like how it isn't like usual omegavese manga and is refreshing to read. The art is good and I like the character designs of the couple. Hope we can have another story of them soon! Would recommend to those looking for a short read.
This is one of my favorite bl mangas of all time! I love the art style, characters and story so much. Although the beginning of their relationship is a little questionable, it becomes quite cute over time. It's always funny seeing their relationship in the office and outside as well as their interactions with the other characters. Overall, I would recommend!!
The story is really wonderful actually. I like the development of their relationahip and it is one of those manga with happy happy ending. The art is wonderful and love all the characters. The story had its balance of humor which I enjoyed as well! Would recommend!
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