kinakina's Reviews & Ratings

This compilation would have been perfect if not for the last story. The "God at the Town Hall" stories are really good and Akaishi is such a loveable character. I'm really happy that I got this during a sale since the art is nice too. Be warned that the final story has incest and what I would say is child-grooming so I recommend skipping that story altogether if you're uncomfortable with such settings.
My favourite manga on Renta! I'm on chapter 13 now and the story gets really dark at one point but I love how both leads are supporting each other in overcoming their trauma and difficulties. If you're here for steamy scenes, please do not expect much because there really isn't much of it. I really wish that they update the manga more often because I am really looking forward to seeing how much their relationship would grow.
I really liked the story! The characters have diverse personalities and I like the ending. It might not be everyone's cup of tea though.
The story is kinda meh for me. The couple are what you'd call a baka couple, I guess? If you're looking for an engaging plot, I won't suggest this to you. Also, the girl is your typical ditzy heroine. I'm glad that I bought it at a discount because I would have been disappointed if I had bought it at full price instead. As a summary, the story isn't bad, but it isn't exactly something to rave about either.