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Please read the tags. This has non-con. The art was was nice, and the main characters had chemistry so I thought it was going to be a wholesome rom-com. There's a reason they included "Scumbag Boss" in the title.
You can tell this manga is dated by the way it treats consent. The first story about the real estate agent and mangaka was sweet, but there was a dub-con scene which was hand-waved off because of plot reasons. Second story about the detective and mystery man was actually decent but was cut short right before it got interesting, and their consummation was barely toeing the line on dub-con. Third story about the roommates was the biggest disappointment - it had non-con that was rationalized away because of "love." The guy was asleep. No thanks. Last story was pseudo-incest with a cuckold flavoring. The art reminded me of early 2000's yaoi (this one was published in 2007) and I thought the artist did well with comedic facial expressions so my two stars goes there. I usually buy what I rent, but I'm not sure about this one.
Love the art, but as the other review said, there's not much depth here; they fall for each other quickly and get to sexing even faster. Not much conflict besides the usual 'do I or do I not?' reasoning to prolong the nonexistent plot. I'm still impressed with the chemistry between the characters given shallowness of the story, and I wished the author milked it with a good plot. Good for a short rental period.
Loserfairy summed it up pretty nicely. I'm only giving this two stars because of the art. The story started out promising, but it turned into a cliche where we find out that the uke/bottom had been unfairly punishing himself for things that he is not at fault for, and the seme/top swoops in to save him by... not really doing much other than just being the assigned seme of the story. What really turned me off was the way the uke was physically hurt (like, he needs to go to the doctor for that) but treats it as if it's not a big deal. This will end up as a short-term rental for me.
I really wanted to like this. The two MCs have a feisty partnership as a comedy duo, I liked their chemistry, I liked the art, and then... it fell into the usual yaoi convention of the seme forcing himself on the uke. If only that part wasn't there, I would have rated this at least 4 stars. I've read one other work from this author, and it struck out with me, too. Maybe third time's a charm?
Nice art as a reason to rent, don't think I'd buy to keep. The way gay relationships are portrayed in this book rubbed me the wrong way - (spoilerish alert) for example, cheating is okay as long as the cheater doesn't kiss other guys, or the implication that the main characters hid vital information from their client because they felt the cheater was justified. And the second client... like whut, you have a boyfriend, hang out in gay bars, but you're not gay? I couldn't with the denial lol. But let me get off my soapbox - this is all just fun and yaoi manga right? ;)
Definitely great smut scenes, you can feel the chemistry with the main characters. I agree with the other review that it's not plot-heavy, and doesn't really go into the background of how Shiro (the demon) came to be. The reason for the 3 stars is the light NTR theme here (with the friend) - I can't ever get used to it no matter what amount. Didn't think it was necessary to make him suffer since he wasn't such a bad guy - just didn't have the right timing or the right words. Overall, a very smutty read.
It's a silly story about two rivals who are secret lovers, nothing too deep. Spoiler: There's a really sweet part where one of them proposes moving together through a business presentation lol and the ending makes me wonder about their job security after their stunt. Nice bit of fluff that's good to rent, but it's only a dollar more to keep.
This was a cute (and spicy) one to rent! First story was adorable with a schoolboy who assumes too much and the businessman who saves him. Second one involves a food-kink which kind of evolves into a fetish (hope I used that term right). Sex was pretty raunchy in the second story what with them using terms for food and sex interchangeably, although I liked that the first story kept it PG which provided a nice balance. I just wish it was a little longer because the characters themselves are hilarious. On second thought, I think I'll buy it for myself.
It was okay to rent. The ingredients were there to get the two leads together (being neighbors, chance encounter, working together, etc) but there was too much of the arguing with each other and not enough lovin'. It kinda feels like two tops being forced together, and it didn't really seem to work for me.
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