tokimekicrisis's Reviews & Ratings

ohhhhhh this is so great. both MCs are incredibly mature, and say what they want when they want it. such steamy scenes all packed in a nice story. this is a great read i recommend it~
He's so hot and this is such a steamy read but for some reason I think the FMC is a bit annoying...
This is pretty cute can't wait to see more~
I would maybe give this lower if it weren't for the fact that main guy is so hot...<3
has a lot of potentialbut..the..way..they..talk..is..annoying
Dear god I don't know who I love more, Lloyd or Lune <3 I'm leaning more to Lloyd because he loved Alto even before the curse was placed on him <3 but I love how both of the guys take such good care of Alto regardless whether he's female or male~
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