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I really enjoyed how cute and endearing the couple was, but the last chapter is a total cop-out. I feel like they never made any progress. In the second to last chapter it seemed like they were going to, but then they just did a time-skip and... There was zero progress in their relationship, to the point where no one even knew they were a couple.Pretty disappointed by how this ended, it was really cute.
This is super dull and empty. An absolute waste of points, honestly. I didn't enjoy any of it, the art is mediocre, the story is flat, the character's are empty, the smut isn't even good. 0/10 recommend.
It's very okay. The plotlines have a lot of potential to be interesting, but they're too short and it makes them kinda boring.
The characters are interesting and their personalities and relationships grow as you read them. The sex scenes are some of the best I've seen in a while, and the chemistry the author's given the main characters really sells them. I could definitely do without the obvious incoming drama, though. The thing that makes this manga interesting is the developing relationship between the two main characters and their personalities, so I'm really hoping the author doesn't go too deep into the typical shoujo love triangle troupe.
This story is very okay. The art is okay, the characters are so-so, the plot is alright, the sex scenes are meh. The characters in the side story are actually way more interesting and I'd have liked to read more about them vs the main couple, but the rental price is low, so it's not bad for a once over. It's definitely not something I'd re-read though.
This author's characters are generally super likeable. She gives her female characters interesting personalities. The ones in this volume are pretty willful and know what they want, which is a nice change of pace from the fmc's you often get in other mangas.
The main characters are really great, but the ones in the side story are completely average. I wish the author would have just skipped the side story and carried on with the story about the main story. They're engaging and you want to know more about them and their story, but overall it's a sweet story and I'd re-read it. Although I probably won't re-read the side story again.
It feels somewhat rushed, but their romance is sweet and the characters are very distinct, despite the fact that it's only six chapters long. There are only really four characters, but they've all got interesting personalities. This would have made a good series, but it's still recommendable in it's short and sweet format.
I started off enjoying the premise and I'm kinda curious about what happens next, but it's also somewhat boring, everyone keeps bullying the main female character, she's got absolutely no spine and the male main character is completely flat and devoid of personality. Unless it becomes more interesting later on, I probably wouldn't bother picking this up if you haven't already.
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