Akikosama's Reviews & Ratings

This was one of the cutest reads I've ever done on renta! And I'm definitely all for the stories where the adorable pets turn into hott human men so we can have some fun! I'm just a bit sad though there's no chapter for the poor cat. Argie needs his own special someone since Sable got to keep Akira! But seriously though, who doesn't love pretty artwork, good smex scenes, and a mildly filling story? Also. . . . GIVE THAT BEAUTIFUL CAT SOME LOVE TOO DAMNIT!
Honestly, I'm not into yaoi but this series is just so utterly adorable I can't resist reading it! And poor Alto. . . . having two handsome guys madly in love with you is tough enough even for a woman, let alone a young boy with zero experience with romance. I mean, at first, I was totally rooting for Lloyd to win Alto's heart but now Lune has also grown on me with his own white prince/knight personality. And seriously Alto is amazing! Bless his little heart but he needs more ambition if he that talented! Dream big Alto! Anyways, although I have no idea which way the ending will swing, I'm actually kind of hoping that somehow that curse will evolve or mutate so Alto can keep his female form and give those two yummy hunks the cutest babies ever~! But SERIOUSLY - I JUST FINISHED CHAPTER 13 AND I NEED 14! The wait is going to kill me!