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As I'm writing this, only the first volume has been released. It has a very promising start! It'll make you laugh and frown, the art is superb, and there's definitely a complex story behind this one. It's not your average "love manga." (Also, there's no smut yet, for those who are wondering.) I'm extremely excited to read the next part and see how Taiyoh and Michiru's relationship develops. (Taiyoh isn't exactly convinced that Michiru is a love doll, after all.)
This is a very cute story so far. Mahiro, the butler, is a huge tease, and he occasionally makes snarky comments with a smile on his face. However, he treats Ayumu, the female lead, with respect and is very gentle with her. He's a one-man stop for almost all of her needs, it seems. We'll see how far that goes in the future... I've read the first two volumes so far, and I'm eager for the next!
This story is off to a good start! The premise is very refreshing, and Kon and Iida are both charming in completely opposite ways. I'm extremely eager to see how things progress between them.
I... I absolutely adore this series. At first, I bought the first couple volumes out of curiosity, but I couldn't restrain myself from immediately buying all the way up to the current volume, the ninth one. Mr. Fujishima, the male lead, presses all the right buttons for me. He may be, quite possibly, my favorite character on this site. He is surprisingly complex and extremely sexy. He is mature, has indomitable self-control, is secure in his career and goals, and doesn't quite know what to make of the female lead, Rio. Now, Rio is just as complex, and she's a very unique character, unlike a lot of cookie-cutter female leads out there. She is naive in a way that directly contradicts how candid her personality is. She knows what she wants, and she will go after it with everything she has--but, at the same time, she's new to sex and feelings for another person, which she eventually develops for Mr. Fujishima throughout the course of their "fuck-buddy" relationship. Seriously, I can't wait for the next volume. I'm practically salivating for it.
Honestly, I adore Mr. Nakashima. His character design, his personality, his sly glances, his little quirks: All of it is pretty addicting for me. He's domineering, rough, and a little bit cruel. It's not for everyone, but that's my thing.The female lead, Saori, resists him a little bit, but, honestly, she is just as enchanted--when he's not being an ass, of course, which isn't often. Watching them attempt to hide their sexual relationship in school is entertaining, and it quickly becomes clear that Mr. Nakashima is quite possessive of Saori.As of now, a new player has entered the field, so I'm extremely eager to buy the next (fifth) volume and see how he reacts to this competition. I'm following this series with rapt attention!
I truly adore this series, and I've been keeping up with it for a little less than a month now. I'm drawn to how the male lead resists the female lead's affections due to his grim past, which is slow to be revealed. There is undeniable sexual tension, but we, the readers, are in the unique position of not knowing when or if a proper relationship will manifest between the two of them. Whether they end up together or not, the male lead is incredibly sweet and gentlemanly, providing a refreshing perspective. There is definitely some serious depth to this story.Can't wait to read more!
This was such a cute story! I enjoyed reading about their efforts to hide their forbidden relationship. Saya is forced to get a little pushy to get what she wants because Mr. Kinukawa is a very responsible man, and that's what makes it so appealing to me. He relents to her affections from time to time, just a little, but he wants her to succeed and gives her plenty of incentive to focus on her studies.
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