Jiana's Reviews & Ratings

I didn't not like the female MC at all. She was supposed to come off as naive, and innocent, but I honestly felt she was just reckless and childish. So, I had a hard time believing someone like her could be come a career woman.
The story line is kind of boring.
I stopped reading this once it introduced incest. I'm not sure if the two mcs are actually blood related siblings, it appears so but that type of genre isn't my thing.
I love the second story involving the host.
This story is alright, but I hate how the leading lady is to quick to forgive the leading male. He abandoned and betrayed her and never thought about her during or after his marriage. It was all a series of unfortunate events that led them back together, which I don't believe is any proof of love simply convience.
I love it!!!
The art work is well done, but the story itself isn't good. It took the husband 5 years to realize he wanted his wife back while he was cheating on her with top models. He reasoned if they have kids, it will somehow save their marriage, and the wife was idiotcally forgiving.
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