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This was excellent--an erotic spin to the Omegaverse is always a good thing.
Wow, now THAT is some high-quality, well-drawn erotic yaoi. Instantly addictive!
How can a story with such a great premise go so very wrong? Fill every page with senseless, confusing imagery and top it off with lame dialogue and repetitive moping. This was so disappointing, you have no idea. I thought the premise was very promising and the story started out okay, but the main character turned out to be this annoying man child (and not in the cute way). I'm sure there are some who really loved this, but I cannot even appreciate it as unredeeming smut. The layout is so convoluted and the story SO awful, I couldn't even appreciate the sex scenes. If you want the least sexy and unseductive smut out there, then pick up this. When sex isn't sexy and you have me skipping through the porn looking for some semblance of order, you know you've made a mistake somewhere. Do yourself a favor and steer clear!
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