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LOVE. This was just so darling. We have a closeted farmer who is in love with his best friend/brother in law and farming trainer who doesn't take no for an answer. While the Seme is pushy, he's sweet and caring and doesn't really do anything that the Uke doesn't like. Not to mention we have discovery, acceptance, a love confession and a happily ever after. This is totally my jam. Fluffy Smut all the way!
Multiple stories, and no real focus on plot. The only thing tying the stories together is that the protagonists are all in school. First two stories focus on the delinquents, then it's like a completely separate book with a different story type, focusing on foreign exchange students from some weird tribe where the women are boss and kill tigers and the men are pansies. I so wasn't expecting such a sharp left turn on the plot focus. I loved the delinquent stories. The second half with the exchange students not so much.
I very much enjoyed this. It was a little expensive, but I think it was worth it. Both MC's were sweet and honest in their feeling, no crazy tsundere drama (I was kinda expecting it from the Uke) nor bullying from the Seme. First chapter there was a bit of force, but you could tell that from the description. Past that, we have a sweet Seme trying to make the Uke (who's just as sweet) fall in love with him. The drama came in when the ex made an appearance and there was serious jealousy going on. This is where it lost a star for me, because the communication went down hill at this point. But we got an HEA so it was still very good.
Cute story. It's not original by any means, but it's cute. Our dear dense Uke is in denial, while the Seme is aggressive in his pursuit to claim the Uke as his. I really enjoyed the ending epilogue stories as they showed the happily ever after moments between the two. -1 start for the predictability of the story, but still worth the read.
I loved this. The couple is just too cut for words. We also have an angsty backstory for our Uke, and a terrible evil ex that needs some serious karma to bite him in the ass. But the story is wonderful, and our couple find happiness. There are some things that are laugh out loud funny. It's truly s gem of a story. Only took off a star because I was unhappy with how they finished up the ex's bit in the story.
I did enjoy this. We have the bully dynamic, and threat to our poor uke's reputation. Each chapter, the Seme escalates the physical contact, and predictably, the Uke has a change of heart. While it's not an original storyline, I enjoyed the interaction between the two, and the ending was happy and cute.
Fantastic. I thought from the first chapter, we would have a Seme that was into bullying, or on the sadistic side, when in fact, we have a sweet, considerate man who likes a little kink. And our Uke is just as kinky, and just as sweet. The story is sweet, the sex is hot, and I loved every page of this manga.
Love love LOVE this story! Mao is just a regular, nice guy cursed to being a demon lord while Kamiko is a bad ass thug who happens to be the hero. They are destined to battle each other until one is completely dominated. Sexy, funny and totally adorable, these two just made my day.
I LOVED this!! Multiple stories with sexy couple, hot sex, and really funny to boot. It's hard to pick a favorite couple from this as each story is VASTLY different. And at the end of the book, in the colored pages, the show how each character ties into each other, even though each story is stand alone. I loved the relations! I really wish each one of these couples had more chapters, as they were all fantastic.
This is Yaoi perfection. Comedy, Drama, Romance, and Smut, with a little violence thrown in for good measure. I love everything about this, and can't wait for the next chapter to come out.
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