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Absolutely fantastic, as always from this author. I really wish all the stories in this collection had a full length book. I especially loved the last story with the fluffy bartender. No spoilers, but man it was cute and hot.
Omg, this was just so cute! Our couple is just so lovey dovey from page one. Shuji, who was straight, wants their relationship to progress and have sex with his little bunny boo. This part is awkward and cute. Then Shuji's big brother comes into the picture and starts poking at their relationship. I won't give all the good stuff away, but seriously the whole book is just as sweet as sugar. I loved every page.
How can anyone say a story about delinquents and fighting can be adorable? Well, it's easy with this story. Our two MCs move from being annoyed with each other to loving everything about each other. They both have hero complexes and want to be that hero for each other. Basically, they are tough guys with hearts of squishy gold. I highly recommend this cute story.
Suuuuuuper cute. I'm a sucker for the grumpy/sunshine trope. And then you throw in a very cute puppy and you have an adorable story.
I was hesitant to try this title based on some of the feedback, but I really enjoyed the author's other works, so I decided to try it. It plays on the MC being young looking, but he doesn't look any younger than the author's other bottoms, so I didn't find it off putting. I thought this story was pretty steamy and funny. While MC2 is definitely a perv, he's very sweet and I love him. I hope other give this a chance because it's pretty great.
I really enjoyed this. It's too short, and you can see that there's room for a longer story, which is sad it didn't get one, but for what it is, I really enjoyed it. Title sucks (haha), as there's literally only one scene a couple panels long about nipple sucking. Buuuuut, despite the short story and misleading title, its actually got a decent plot. I really wish we found out what happened to the mom, but I'm assuming she flaked on her responsibilities and met another man. I would have really liked this to be longer, but I still loved it.
Adorable! This manga has 2 couples, following 2 brothers and their pretend boyfriends. Both couples are sweet, and there's no real drama in the story, just some small misunderstandings. I very much enjoyed these couples, and would LOVE if there was another volume coming. So worth the read.
I am surprised by the rating on this one, I thought it would be higher. I really love it. The art is amazing, there's some drama, amazingly sexy scenes… I love all the characters too. Even the jerko that shows up later. Point is, this is a great read. I've read this story a couple times now and can't wait until they finish it. It's just awesome.
I really loved this. I mean come on. Fetish? Check. Hot and steamy? Check. Two souls bonding over a common love of a tv show? Check! If this is something you've been debating on reading, do it. You won't regret it.
I have been wanting to read this for a while, so finally decided to bite the bullet. I went in knowing it wasn't going to be a deep plot with meaningful character development, so if you're hoping for that from a book called “Dude, can I have some DNA?” What's wrong with you? Anyway, I thought it was cute and enjoyed reading it. Typical tropes throughout, and good for a light, quick read that doesn't involve a lot of plot or thinking.
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