Pami's Reviews & Ratings

This story is so precious omg!! I can't wait for the next chapter!! Automatically a fav!! I just love their relationship!!!!
Woah!! The art is so amazing and I love the story. I'm very excited for the next chapters!!
This is so steamy, I love it! Its cute and very hot
Wow... this hurt my feelings..........but I welcome the pain. Great story! I'm a huge fan of one-sided love with pretty art.
I love it! The art is really nice and the smut is too. Can't wait to read more!!
I actually really love this. I can't wait to read the next chapters! I love the way it's going so far with the love triangle. Two adorable handsome men. I also want to say that the art is very lovely.
I'm so glad this series is still getting translated! I love it so much! It's one of the reasons why I have Renta! Its just so stinking cute!!
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