hloo12's Reviews & Ratings

It was ok but its need more chapters
The guy with the black hair was so annoying..
The only good story is the first oneThe 2 one was bad and the last one couldn't finish the first two page..
The stories are And the characters are stupid I really regret buying it
I only liked the first half of the first ch
I love this author other's work, so i don't now Why this story make me angry I wold liked it if his friend didn't get involved with the sex Even if he is in love with his friend :/But I'm waiting for the next chapter to see what will happen.
I really regret renting this Book It was Bad I don't recommend it to anybody The character were so a annoying Specially The first story I really really really hate it
The Beginning was ok until the dad Let the neighbour Touch him not once but twice iReally hated the dad and I hated the other dad also
At First the story was cute and then that characters start to get on My nerves they become so annoying
The story is so cute
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