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The first story wasn't bad and I liked the art, but the second story was nonsensical and boring. I wish Renta would give readers a peek at all stories in multi-story issues like this so that we don't waste points on books we don't like. This is not the first time I have bought a multi-story issue based on the first story, only to find the other stories are boring or not my thing. It makes me feel cheated,
Mizuki is such a SWEETHEART! Oh my gosh, his reasons for being a doctor were just...<3! This wasn't the best written manga in the world and it did end very suddenly, but the relationship between the two was so fluffy that I forgave the manga for its shortcomings.
This is a bit of a different take on the ABO verse and I really liked it. I docked one star because I wasn't thrilled about what the seme's past was revealed to be like in the final issue (he had seemed like a nicer, less petty person than that all along). But other than that, this is a decent manga that's worth a read.
This is a sweet story. Nicely written with nice art. I also really liked the characters. Well worth checking out.
This was Sooooo disappointing. The first story wasn't bad, but it ended very suddenly with no real resolution. The second was completely daft and the third story was as dull as dishwater. I'm not sure if there was a fourth story because I stopped reading. Didn't want to subject myself to this anymore. Do not waste your money.
This was cute, with nice art but its a little bland. The story felt like it was missing something and the characters were fairly forgettable. But cute overall and a pretty cheap purchase.
No plot (even by the smutty yaoi standards), no actual ending and half of this didn't make sense. Hard fail.
How has this been ranked so high? It's rubbish! The plot is rushed, story doesn't always make sense and the characters are irritating. So not worth my time or tokens.
The art in this is really beautiful, but other than that this manga is less than mediocre. The characters are bland, the kink is a bit too specific (and a little weird) to be to most readers tastes, and the manga itself isn't very well written. Sorry but I wouldn't reccomend this.
Oh my god, why have I not read this sooner?! This was ADORABLE! It had everything I love from a manga: great art, nice characters, an actual storyline and smexy times (of course!). I really, really enjoyed this and just spent all evening buying and reading each issue. I really wish I had more to read. Don't be put off by the multiple issues, this is worth it!
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