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I really love this series. It's really beautiful and short, and the main character is very likable and is just such a good guy overall. You just end up wishing for both character's happiness. There was some pretty dark themes in here and I really disliked a certain character (he literally makes me feel disgusted), so I wish there were more happy moments at the end to balance out the sad parts. Even so, I really treasure this reading experience.
This is a really lighthearted read and the heroine is pretty likable. I've read up to volume 13 and there isn't any heavy drama. My one quip is that the volumes are really episodic and all end on a similar type of cliff hanger. The cliff hangers are usually more cheesy than really functioning as cliff hangers and it's starting to bother me because the heroine doesn't seem to be developing much as a character. She hasn't changed much at all in all 13 volumes. Still looking forward to more installments and hoping for more character development.
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