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I think this is one of my favorite stories on Renta! The art style is really neat, and the writing is surprisingly blunt! It's really funny and charming, as well as sweet, and also hot. I wish I had more friends that read BL so I could shove this in their faces and beg them to read it.
A nice batch of stories. I wish the author would pace the stories slower though; all of the sex scenes feel a bit rushed. I still enjoyed it though!
I love this series! It's basically like, kink-of-the-week each chapter haha. I like that it's pretty much guaranteed there'll be steamy smut at least twice each volume (none of that “ugh is this one just going to be plot? but I took the plunge to buy it before reading instead of renting!”), so you know what you're getting and you're getting your moneys worth!
This is SO cute and precious and also HOT. The title is exactly what's happening, lol. Plenty of steamy scenes next to plenty of humor! I laughed out loud a couple times. Definitely subscribing!
I thought this was really cute and fun! The art is lovely and the story has lots of little comedic beats. It did feel pretty rushed, but i'm glad I gave it a shot despite the reviews. It's pretty lighthearted with a dash of sexy and i'd recommend it as a quick fun read!
This series has a whole lotta non-con (obviously) so if you're into that this series is for you! There's psychological turmoil about how the MC gets pleasure from all these experiences, but there's also a sweet love story/knight-in-shining-armor thread when the dark themes get to be too much. All in all, the whole thing is pretty hot. A++
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