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Slightly more adult than standard Romance fare - no obvious unplanned pregnancies, tricked/fake marriages and genuine chemistry between the two leads
Probably the best Romance manga I have read - funny, heart warming, opposites attract, grown up without an unexpected pregnancy, enforced marriage - yes there are misunderstandings but it's a grown up story without the clich辿 syrup. I LOVED this manga and would read it again and again.
I don't know whether to give this a 5 star or a 1 star. It's a more grown up read, and has a lot of themes that I don't like - the heroine cheating on her boyfriend for an extended period, his pain, her pain, a handsome CEO dominating the relationship - love at first sight or an exercise of power. And the complication of characters doing everything the can to sabotage all sides of the triangle. The breaks up, and the reuniting, more breaks ups, more misunderstandings - genuinely painful. And although I wanted her to end up with her boss, I felt genuinely sorry for her boyfriend. A long commitment to see it through - and I'm only at book 20 (much longer chapters than normal), and more to come as this story has not yet completed. I think on the whole that I loved it, despite some of these more complex and challenging these, but I cannot quite give it 5 stars.
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