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The plot was rushed and the flow wasn't as smooth and engaging as others.
The way the conversation and background of the whole plot wasn't as seamless as I'd it to be but this was a good read. Not as typical as it sounds. Worth it
SO WORTH IT! Scumbag of a husband who cheats with the FL's sister but idk I can't hate them both fully. Older ML is sooo cute, get you a guy like him for reals. ????
I'm not too keen on writing reviews in stories here but I'll have to commend this one. The raw, connection the characters have is somehow to authentic and innocent that I just know this'll be a great story. Two chapters in and I'm already hopeful. Super worth it!
I love the ending! Didn't expect to be so deep and different. The protagonists have enigmatic personalities and bot are not stupid/pushovers. No annoying moment, make you wish you had a man like that in your life. Read this!
Not too shabby at all! The storyline is lovely and compelling. Worth it for me.
This is your typical office romance but even if it could be better as a series, I appreciate the story line and character portrayals. A lot of good things can be learned from this story, the author's sincerity came across for me.
Okay, so this manga is actually really hot and steamy so better be prepared. I love the progression and the quirkiness of how it all started and tbh you can't predict the ending because the girl mc is literally a pixie so thats something to look forward to! So worth it
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