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Sweet, simple, emotional, heartwarming fluff. Peter is socially awkward and very bad at expressing his emotions, just like his son and late father, while Merry is sociable, friendly and upbeat, but both of them are prisoners of a past they can't let go (Peter's dead wife and the son Merry was forced to give up) which leaves them feeling undeserving of happiness. Everyone's problems could've been solved quickly if they'd all just properly talked things over, but each of them has very valid and understandable reasons for why they can't open up fully to the other and no one person is to blame. It also fits with the message that magic is real, but it's people who make their own magic. The ending was a little cheesy and rushed, but it's touching and satisfying all the same.
Short stories about 5 high-school-aged couples, with all but the last one feeling shallow and empty due to only having one chapter to flesh out the characters, plot and relationship. Ch1: Ignorant rich boy forces antipathetic loner to spend all his time doing whatever he wants, then suddenly stops spending time with him, causing loner to act on his blue balls and go to rich kid for once. Ch2: Sports star falls for smart nerd 'cos nerd's cute when he sleeps, so he relentlessly stalks poor vehemently protesting nerd until the latter eventually gives in. Ch3: Nerd's little brother (who both looks AND acts like a young child) is saved by guy who then makes him cologne, which might be an aphrodisiac or they both have a scent fetish, idk. Ch4: Neighbor treats guy like little kid for NO REASON. Ch5: OMFG actual realistic characters with relatable issues, proper character development and meaningful interactions! All the stars are because of THIS! It's so touching and emotional! YES!! Love it!
Best smut I've seen so far, long, detailed and insanely hot and, best of all, no censoring the dongs! On the downside, the plot is just a vehicle to carry us from one sex scene to the next, it's as bare-bones and trope-ridden as they come and it's filled with every tired old cliché I've grown to hate. The top is sexy and demanding and the bottom is cute and hesitant (and the worst source of the "but I'm not gay!" "but he's my best friend!" "but he'd be happier with his ex-gf!" clichés); they do their job as two hot guys you love to see get it on, well enough, but no more, they're not characters I give even the slightest crap about. So definitely check this out for the amazing smut but don't expect anything from the plot.
Mature, down-to-earth and very character-driven. Liz is a single mother who tries to be an ice queen to avoid getting hurt again; her struggles to raise her daughter on her own (with help from her mum) are very realistic and relatable as she juggles working to provide for her family with trying to spend more time with her young daughter. Cam is a workaholic with many of the same issues as Liz since he's raising his late sister's young son. I adore the slow burn here, the leads are very respectful and patient, there's plenty of time given to allow them to bond and grow closer, learning to trust each other before they go on to explore their attraction (FYI story, magnetic attraction isn't a literal thing!). The leads behave like real people and even at their worst they're still believable and relatable, and their HEA was definitely well deserved.
Nothing offensively bad, but it all felt very empty and soulless to me. Over half the story is the two leads during the first day in the snow, with most of it spent on pointless chatter, repetitive bickering and mindless noise in general. Neve is too worried about Hannah to contribute much else to the plot, while Severo gets dragged into her mess and falls for her because she's hot (if there's any other reason it's never expressed). It felt both rushed and dragged on too long because nothing of substance happened for so long, and the chemistry was non-existent. Then there are several clichés and stupid misunderstandings that exist only to clumsily further the plot of Neve's pregnancy, whether Severo trusts her and whether Neve will marry him. The latter half (after snow day) is just so silly and vapid (especially how the main conflict is resolved!), and a complete waste of otherwise likeable characters with believable motives and relatable (if boring) issues. Not worth it imho.
Zoltan completely steals the show and the comedy he brings is the highlight of the manga. The plot is very cliché guy-acts-cold-to-hide-feelings, but thanks to seeing the guy's POV we can empathize and grow to love him. Zoltan is eccentric, overly emotional, a bit neurotic and childish, but highly entertaining and adorably romantic, I fully buy that he fell in love with a picture (which he keeps with him at all times!), he's a bit of a mess but in the best way. Arabella is spirited and bubbly, but her growing love for Zoltan is the story's biggest flaw, since it's so unbelievable and forced. From her POV, Zoltan is rude, temperamental and neglectful (all her own words), he keeps making unreasonable demands seemingly on a whim (which she always complies with, despite being upset, making her a complete pushover) and, w/o being privy to his thoughts and knowing WHY he does so, there's no way any sane girl would fall for him. Check this out for Zoltan alone, he's definitely worth it.
The first pair is surprisingly adorable! The seme's cutesy persona wasn't all fake, he's genuinely cute even if he's also very spicy, and the uke's so innocent and romantic at heart, while also being feisty and tough, that the two complement each other perfectly. I especially love that both guys are equals in their relationship, there's no imbalance of power or one side dominating the other (except during sex, mostly), both of their opinions, wants and needs are respected and their relationship is refreshingly healthy. By contrast, the second side-pair is awful, the uke's such a sleazy manslut who manipulates and even threatens to cheat on the seme to get him to go along with his kinky fantasies, even when it's obvious the guy's uncomfortable. Seriously, the top could do so much better. I'd definitely recommend reading this for the first pair, they're worth at least renting this, but skip the second if they're not to your tastes.
The 1st story is cliché 1NS, secret baby, marriage w/o love. Both were very reckless, girl was naïve, but grows up from the trauma, while the boy was a coward and is totally at fault for everything. Nothing special, but nothing awful, if you've read the trope before then you know what happens here. The other 2 stories are from the same series and are truly excellent. Both pairs of leads were very endearing and likable, the girls were refreshingly mature and understanding, with lots of self-respect and kickass attitudes, while the guys were both completely smitten with their ladies and willing to go out on a limb to win their heart and be with them. The collection was worth it for the last 2 stories alone, I wish there was one with all 3 books in the series together.
The 1st story is a typical traditionalist sheikh falls for modern Cinderella story, with extra prejudice added. What makes it unbearable is how the genie of the lamp theme was constantly forced into the plot. There are lots of very serious moments and themes that are completely ruined whenever the equally serious and stern characters start going on about genies, wishes and magic, it's so awkward and forced! By contrast, the girl in the 2nd story is inexperienced in life and uses her imagination to escape from reality, so I completely buy her using novels and fantasy to describe everything and wanting to be the heroine of her own story. Her fella is surprisingly normal, with normal flaws, despite his mysterious façade and the media's lies and rumours. Sometimes life is really simple and stupid. The 3rd book was utter garbage with the worst translation job I've ever read. Only the 2nd story, The Brunelli Baby Bargain was actually worth renting. I'd say check it out and skip the others.
The main story's wonderfully charming and sweet as candy. Kinu's kind and innocent, but so desperate to finally be needed, to belong and be useful. She's shy and embarrassed by what she and the brothers do but she's 100% willing and cares about them as much as they care about her. The brothers are all interesting and likeable in their own way, each getting their fair share of love and attention, and they're very respectful of Kinu at all times. The focus is purely on HER pleasure (they need her to feel good to get energy from her), which is very sweet but leaves me a tad unsatisfied, they never even go all the way and the brothers' pleasure is completely ignored. Very female friendly and almost shojo in how pure it is. There's a tacked on chapter at the end featuring a different couple, but it's utter rubbish, boring and clich辿d with nothing whatsoever to make it worth reading, neither in plot nor characters, wish the author had focused on the main story instead or just omitted it.
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