Funkypickle's Reviews & Ratings

I read other reviews before buying this and I'm glad I bought it anyway! It's definitely a mystery/horror/smut series but everything gets explained in the end and the smut scenes are amazing!! Beautiful art, expressions, intriguing story.. well worth the buy.
You will not be disappointed. The story is great, the characters are lovable, and the sex scenes are UNREAL. Perfect, worth every penny, wish there were physical copies so I could support the author more.
So many good sexy scenes, yet amazing characters you just want to be happy too! ? Quality worth the price!!
Oh my gosh. I'm usually on here for the hot sexy scenes but this is just so pure and lovely and relatable!! No sexy scenes here, but it's absolutely worth the price!
So worth the purchase- I wish there was even more! I'd never heard of this as a kink, but it's really enjoyable regardless! Great art, great steamy scenes, and great characters!
So cute!! The art is nice, the story has feelings and development but plenty of steamier scenes too! So perfect!!
So cute!! The story was nice, it built up in a really good way, and the art was super pretty!!
This was amazing. The characters were great, the sexy scenes were great, and there was an awesome story to it that really kept me reading!! Highly recommended, along with any of Verticomix's series!