Demo's Reviews & Ratings

Main story was a bit sad but second story was a cute friends growing old together and becoming lovers so that was very cute.
Beautiful art, and pretty dark yet cute at the end story. Really showcased a window peek view on how humans treat animals as mere toys and flips it in a way to show the animals or what is left divine beasts being the Lord's and rulers as humanity crumbles away.If you don't mind dubcon as it's in the first 2 outa 7 chapters it's a good read. Don't take the first chapter for how the full story plays out.
Haven't cried from a story in a long while, the characters are quite lovable and it's a slow burn love that pulls on your heart strings.I love the period drama esque style and this was a glorious read, I am very excited for future updates and I 1000% recommended giving this a read.