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I really like this story. Delinquent boy, cute/clumsy girl (but she isn't clueless, which is an overused trope) and a smug pretty boy to finish the love triangle. The dynamic is so good between all of them and I love how awkward the H is (one of my many weaknesses lol). Please, please tell me there will be more?!
So different and soooo hot. I really liked the consent in this story and the way they communicated about what they each wanted. I could read many more chapters about Yoji and Tina and REALLY hope we can see that final fantasy fulfilled. Turn the tables, Yoji!
These two are adorable and I NEED this story to continue!!!!! The title tells you all you need to know, but he's a sweet savage and she's only oblivious about how deeply he feels for her. You can't really blame her though, we all have our insecurities.
YES!!!!! This is an adorable, hot, funny collection of stories that is worth the price. I honestly don't know which guy is hottest.....ok, maybe Io, but they're all beautiful. I liked all the characters and would love to see more about them. The writer/artist is so talented, definitely would love to read more. Buy this manga!!!!
I absolutely love this manga! The boys are adorably awkward and unaware of each other's feelings (and their own for a while) and sort of fumble towards love. It's funny, sweet and well-drawn and I like that we get the perspectives of both characters. My only complaint is that it's over
I absolutely adore this story! I'm new to manga and even newer to yaoi but this one is definitely a favorite. It's funny and sweet, the artwork is gorgeous and Rin and Nozomu are HOT. Two best friends bumble their way into a relationship and discover more about themselves and each other than they ever could've imagined. ***Spoiler***The only complaint I have is that I wish Rin could've "lost" his virginity too. That would've been interesting and hot and switching things up once in a while is sexy too. Can't wait to see more from this artist.
Cute story but WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ENDING???!!!! I mean, I was emotionally invested in the story and then, BLECH! Such a letdown. If it had continued or given us any sort of closure AT ALL, I'd give it four or five stars but as it stands now, no way
I'm only on the second volume but already love it. IDK why it took me so long to read this but so glad I did! It's funny, sexy and unexpected. The main characters are great and their internal dialogues crack me up. I love it when the men AREN'T jerks and the women aren't just quivering masses of submissiveness. This story has something that I've recently realized was missing from sooo many manga-consent! It's amazing how commonplace non-con scenes are. If you like The Artist and the Beast, Overcumming Writer's Block and Allergic to Love, do yourself a favor and read this. You won't be disappointed!
I'm LOVING this series! Aesthetically pleasing (cute boys in glasses-yes please!) and the story is fantastic. Satoko is a great MC, sweet but strong despite her "allergy" and Taichi is just about perfect if you like kind, honest, gallant and intelligent men. The usual sadistic boys can be thrilling in their own way sometimes, but good guys make me weak in the knees. I love how their relationship develops and they see new sides to one another. Please, please give us more!
This is an adorable series that's so much sweeter than I expected. The main characters are great together and they really seem to care about one another. It has humor and drama and the love scenes are hot. And (refreshingly) it's all consensual! I've only read a few manga and the whole "woman who's allergic to/afraid of men" premise seems a bit routine but this is a really enertaining series, I hope there are many more volumes to come.
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