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A cute slow burn type of story. It has some funny panels and a messy artstyle (in a good way) Great for people who love highscool delinquents and slice of life stories. If you're reading this and enjoyed this work, please, check out "hare tokidoki wakabasou" by the same author. It's also a cute delinquent story. I've been waiting years for it to be translated, so I really hope Renta will pick it up.
This has to be one of my favorite comics on Renta. I keep coming back to it no matter how many times I read it. Great art. Sweet story. Steamy scenes. My only complaint is that it's not longer. I really love yaoi with sports as a subplot or even just as set dressing. I hope they add more comics like this that have sports.
This was sweet, though I'll admit just a bit cliche. I really like Ito's artstyle, so I had to give this one a read. The main oneshot shows both perspectives of the main characters at different points in their story. This oneshot was satisfying. However, the other other oneshots fell flat in my opinion. One was about misunderstandings, which confused me a little, and the other a ghost story. *spoilers* I was hoping for a misunderstanding and the ghost would turn out to actually be a living person... *sigh* It was bittersweet story which I don't find all that enjoyable if too short. I also think the artist should make the semes more expressive. So, If you like cute, short stories with a bit of smut then you might like this. But I wouldn't recommend to people who don't like fast paced oneshots.
Meh. It's a very cliche love/hate turned romance type story. The art is somewhat okay. I think if the art were better I could forgive the over done story. There's even a scene were the uke knocks a soda off of a table and somehow ends up under the seme. It looks very forced and makes no sense, so I laughed at that part at least.
I love this manga!!! Though unfortunately, it's taking forever for chapter four to come out! :(
The art is great. A good pick if you like more twisted characters. I'm really enjoying it so far.
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