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As of chapter 6, I'm ambivalent about this one. The art is great and there's a good story, but the relationship between the two leads feels somewhat unsettling to me. There's a strange undercurrent to the story that seems a little dark, psychologically speaking, though it's far short of some of the creepy obsession stories out there. It's a story where the characters have some secrets and lies, and some motives that might not be honest (even to themselves), and this complexity makes the story less predictable than most. The heat level isn't as high but it is balanced nicely with the story, and it gives the whole thing a level of authenticity which makes me want to keep reading.
Despite a title that made my imagination run wild, I found this story to be rather tepid. The art is average, and the story has very little tension. The characters are bland, so their relationships don't have any heat to them and by the end, I just did not care what happened to them. Given the rushed and contrived ending, it's probably better that I'd lost any expectations. I'm giving this an extra star because I liked the bathing pool. Not the bathing pool scenes, mind you, just the bathing pool - I could fantasize about that for hours. Otherwise...I didn't realize it was possible to write a love triangle on a deserted island story and make it boring. It is. The more you know!
All that and with a side of steamed steam! The story ticks a lot of boxes: Love Triangle? Check. Childhood friends? Check. Dominant male lead? Check. Younger boyfriend? Check. Office environment? Check. Good story? Check. Good art? Check. Female lead with personality and some backbone? Check. Public/exhibitionist action? Check. Steam? Oh, so many checks! The main characters are all adults and treat each other with respect, though there are some moments that blur the line of strictly consensual activity, none of the action is degrading. There are hot moments aplenty, with a good variety of moves. The action goes well beyond the standard smut scenes, so things don't feel stale or repetitive, and the variety makes the steamiest scenes even hotter. If you like your read to make you squirmy in a good way, this is a great choice!
There's nothing particularly new here, it's all about characters who are dense, oblivious, or status conscious who are so fearful of rejection that they'd rather hide and deny their feelings that admit them to their beloved. There's a familial thread that connects the stories, but there isn't a ton of interaction between the siblings, so it's largely irrelevant. While sweet, the stories are very rushed and follow the same pattern, with the drama being resolved and ending in a romp that is relatively chaste. It's about warmth and love, not heat, so if you're looking for something that going to make you hot and bothered, this may not be the collection for you. All that being said, I'm adding an extra star for the use of local dialect, the two bad boys who are fun, the description of one character as a crushed peppermint (it was a great image), and the absolutely stunning work on some of the female characters.
Meh. It's a poor take on Pygmalion (My Fair Lady, etc). Older, cultured man reshapes an ignorant, uncultured young woman into a sophisticated and skilled young woman. In this case, he also strips her of her confidence and personality, until she's a doormat riddled with insecurities. The art is kind of average, but it is better than how it looks in the sample. She's just uglied up to show how she's uncultured and can't do makeup, though it does beg questions about why a homeless girl has/bothers with makeup. It's not the worst, but the personality turn for the main character is disheartening, and I'd in no way describe the story as rhapsodic. Honestly, I'd've preferred a story about the cat.
The story isn't particularly new, and it's downright predictable. Still, I found it sweetly told and a decent read. The real hook here, in my opinion, is the art - it's so freaking cute! This artist does a good job with male characters in general, with young men who look distinctively boyish, versus some artists who don't differentiate the lines and expressions between male and female characters much. The story/art arc has just enough cuteness/chibi to show moments like sheepishness without letting the whole thing slide into the toothache zone. All in all, the story isn't ground breaking but it's paired nicely with the art to give it enough charm to be a fun read.
Cute set of stories about the relationships between (slightly) older women and their younger boyfriends. A few of the standard issues are addressed, mostly about the "generation gap," and the insecurities all women have in newer relationships. The female leads are well rounded, though their male counterparts are more pet-like and less fully realized. My favorite story is probably the last, since I personally identify with the main character's struggle to learn to love her body. They're all pretty good though, and I'll definitely re-read once in awhile.
One of my favorites! I enjoyed the chemistry and dynamic between the main characters, and the fact that their personalities don't fit the usual romance tropes. The female lead is more confident in her sexuality and emotions than the male lead, and their initial encounter is a fun read. She doesn't dither about how she's not worthy, and in fact revels in flouting norms based on gender and class. He may be a star at work, but she's no slouch either - her skills are recognized and drive a few plot points. They are open about their relationship once its established, so the sitcom-like antics in the workplace are not a dominant theme, which helps focus the story on how they relate to each other. I already purchased the manga in its entirety, but I prefer VertiComix, so I'm buying these as well. I had some issues with the art, as the art style makes male lead's nose look like the nasal cavity on a skull to me. A fun read, definitely worth a look.
This story pairs a great concept with a lot of heat, but fails to deliver. Running at top speed, we pass through a checklist of fairy tales, legends, and sex. Unfortunately the story moves so quickly and tries to pack in too many plot points and references, too many positions, and too many people. It's like a fevered sex dream, and becomes pretty incoherent by the end. The facial art is good, but many body images are distorted and disproportionate, and given the story is a good 60% worth of nudity, it just looks messy. Still, the "twist" at the ending was fun, and the story would be incredibly good if it were expanded upon and more time spent developing the characters and mood.
This is one of the best - if not THE best - depictions of a love triangle I've read in manga. Emotionally complicated, here is woman struggling with the emotions around why her engagement ended, then using that self reflection to grow confident and honest with her emotions. The tension between her two love interests is treated equally well and the complicated emotions that arise are very real. They also reflect the growth the protagonist goes through, comforting herself with the ex still evokes memories of past failures, then moving on to a relationship where she's strong enough to work things through with her partner. The young male love interest is in some ways like the typical female protagonists in the stories, earnest, guileless, and honest, though he has a great deal of self awareness and confidence in his emotions and desires, and it's great to see a male character completely committed to having a mature relationship. A wonderful read!
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