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It does a good job carefully raising the tension without revealing too much too fast. The heavy moments and the lighter moments, with the memories sprinkled in between, help the reader feel that same tension, that
I agree with all the others that this is a good story with nice art, but that it feels like part of the story is missing. This could easily be the basis for two more volumes, I need more of the ghost's backstory and just explanations in general.
Ok, it's good and the art's nice, but HARD TRIGGER WARNING for mention of suicide and self harm (with example images, wow, that came out of nowhere), and for sexual assault (it's way too common in BL).It's disappointing, because I feel like this work could choose to be dark and actually work through those points (especially the mental health aspect), but all of that felt kind of rushed through. As if the author realized
I really liked this one, and it feels more real than a lot of BL. There's some heavy stuff, but it's not too heavy and it doesn't drag on for too long. I love the art too!
You don't often see stories where people with DID aren't portrayed as villains or just absolute monsters, and where the writers seem to actually understand what DID is. So this was really nice. It's actually a rather sweet story after that first pushing down.
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