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I like it a lot. they just take so long to continue
I gave it a 3 because been waiting a few months for it to continue.
I only gave it 3 because it takes so long for the next chapter to come out.
I like to see how it ends, but they take so long to come out with the next part on most of the continuation.
I like the way that she finally notice the H, but then she started thinking of him in different suits. Nice read.
I like some of these books, the problem is that it takes a long time for them to get to the next one.
All the stories was good. Just felt that the last one left you wondering if he ever came back.
Would have gave it more points but it did not end. Did she have a baby for both brothers. Did they work our their difficulty. Could have ended a lot better.
I like the h, she's bad. Can't wait for the next chapter
Is there going to be more to this, Hope so
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