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Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!! Beautiful-no, STUNNING, art! Great story so far (only 4 chapters out so far) and super adorable - smut is pretty good too! Loving everything about this one! Definitely 100% worth buying instead of renting!
This was….meh. I scrolled through most of it cause it didn't really hold my attention, but the sex scenes weren't even really worth it.
That first chapter is absolutely chaotic. You literally cannot follow what is happening AT ALL, it's as if half the story with dialogue and narrative and scenes have been completely taken out and so we're left with breadcrumbs of whatever the hell that was.Didn't keep reading, so I don't know if it gets any better, but chapter 1 was a sh!t show.
This was great! The sex scenes were hot and the MC's were both great! The power to turn anyone on with just a look is a bit funny and seemed kinda unnecessary by the 2nd chapter, but I still loved it! It's DEFINITELY worth the read!
Omg the art is phenomenal! And the story is so damn cute! Please read and rate this, because it's freakin adorable!
I mean the cover is enough explanation, but if you want more: it's just tentacle porn.There is no show stopping story to it, the art isn't even that great. And I am usually quick to avoid tentacles because it's fucking weird, but somehow this made it….enjoyable? Is that the word I should use? I have no idea. But it's a quick, mindless read if you're wanting some sexy times and that's it ?
Omg this was so hilarious! The art is great, I love it so much! And the story had me looking away from my phone so that I could laugh out loud so many times!! Please read this - I promise it's hilarious and so so good. X
Okay, so I love this mangaka and I LOVE Megumi and Tsugumi, their newest work, so I purchased this in the hopes that I would love this one too. And honestly, it fell a little flat for me. The main character Shun, I didn't really like at all, and I hated how he treated Ichinose. It's this artist's first manga I think, so I can definitely see how much they have improved, but I didn't enjoy this one as much as the others they've written. There wasn't much I didn't like about this one to be honest. But that's okay, because I'm glad I read their newer work first otherwise I probably wouldn't have given them a chance if it had been this one first. I very highly recommend their other stories as opposed to this one.
So I love the quick pace of the plot, it's just the right level of explicit, but incase you aren't aware (because I only just learn this yesterday), THIS IS ALSO A SHORT ANIME!I thought I was dreaming. The adaption is only until about the 8th or 9th chapter of the manga with no signs of continuing, but it's almost just as explicit if you want to watch it as well! Just as an fyi to any other horny bunnies out there ?
Omg I've read heaps of omega verse, but holy cow this was by FAR the best one I've ever read!!The art style is amazing - seriously amazing!! I love how funny it was too! I was seriously laughing out loud at some points because Tsugumi was just so thick headed. But it was so so good, I really really recommend this!I just finished reading both the first and second chapters, and it looks like there will be a third, so I can't wait!!!
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