Daekin's Reviews & Ratings

Not totally amazing for the story, but the art is nice. It moves a bit fast at the end, as if the creator meant for it to be longer or forgot to develop the feelings between the characters, but there was a part or two that I wasn't expecting and that was great. All in all, not bad to rent, but probably don't buy.
I love all three stories in this series (click on the author name and check out the other two!). I love the art, the writing and the characters. I'd love to see more about any of them, possibly something with the son from this story!
Has some good ideas, some nice art, but the execution was a little off. The pace was so fast that the story was over before I could really get into the characters. It was like the foundation was set up, but there wasn't much of a plan after that. The uke is also so thin he looks like an alien to me. I couldn't get over it.
Fun read. Both main couples are good. I would not mind reading more about either. I actually kind of with there was more.
Most stories in this were cute. Nothing too deep, but still enjoyable. Wouldn't mind reading more about some of them someday.
Not a bad read, but I didn't get pulled into the story or characters very much at all. I didn't dislike it, but it wasn't amazing either. All around decent.
Really cute stories. I loved each of the characters, but would have loved to have gotten more of them, possibly deeper into them. I feel there's more to be explored with them. Still, very nice stories, really nice art. Especially love the way the eyes are done. I kept staring into Mahiru's and Shizuka's.
This author's stuff is always so different. It's great. The art is a bit to get used to, but the story is pretty awesome. You can tell they really researched things and knew a lot about the subject matter (like old 1960s IT stuff, in this story). It really sets it apart.
Definitely different all around, but endearing. It was a fun story to read, and the characters were interesting enough that I'm wondering about what happened before and what will happen after. But this is definitely different.
Somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars, but it made me chuckle a few times so I bumped it up. The stories are definitely entertaining, but nothing too deep. Good for casual read.