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Absolutely loved this. I loved the story, I loved the characters, I love the development between them, everything. One of the few series that I hut every vibe for. Very highly recommend.
Sweet story, wonderful characters, and the best reaction to a thick Kasai accent I've seen in a long time. Definitely recommend!
I really enjoyed this story. I love the characters, how they develop, the twists and turns, and the story in general. The art is nice, too. Definitely recommend!
This was a great story. Beautiful art, the characters are great, I loved the development, even though it was too short, in my opinion. I want more! They're just too sweet!
Not bad for a first manga. The characters are fun, their interactions are entertaining, the art is really nice, but the story and development is a bit lacking. I would have loved to see their relationship develop more. As it is, it seems a bit rushed. Still, I enjoyed it.
Art's not bad, story is hard to follow at times, there isn't too much development in either the story or the characters, and I don't feel too much for any of the characters. I still didn't really dislike the manga, but probably won't read it again.
I enjoyed it, if only for funzies. Dont expect anything moving or groundbreaking, or even much smut. I've read much worse, and even written worse myself. First story was the best, but uses the awkward shut-in semi-otaku trope with the guy whose into big boobs and maids getting together with the popular guy whose into the doting, submissive wifey type. Kinda cliche but still a fun read. Second story was also not bad, but I didn't really get into the characters or the general "plot". Third story was just sort of a sadistic fetish in a general story form, and neither character was really into the other, so I didn't really like it as much. Art was good all around in any case.
No really strong feelings from me, but this was a lot of fun to read and it was really cute. I definitely enjoyed it and definitely recommend.
Okay, this was really cute. Made me all giggly. Definitely recommend.
AAAAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAZZZZZIIIIINNNGGGGG!! The first couple is my favorite by far, but the second isn't bad either. Sweet stories with a bit of dirtiest and some good feels. Definitely recommend.
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