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Everything about this book is good. The story is adorable, the coworkers are hilarious, MC is so like my life and Haze-san is a reason to keep living.
Oh yaaaas, too cute. That delinquent is hot as fire. Can't wait to see how this whole thing goes.
So here's the thing...the title story which is the first two parts, not so good. It is what it is and true to reviews it is bland and even a bit confusing. But the other two stories, I loved! They were cute, the couples had character, the art even seemed better. By the time I got to the end and looked at the cover I had actually forgotten the first couple and I was startled to see them. It's worth the read for the second two and I actually look forward to more on the second two in the future.
This book is smut and I am here for it! Who knew mixing hot men and cats would be such a win. On top of that I found the stories to be cute fluff and endearing. Such a good way to spend some time.
I loved this one. If you like strong, sexy, manly bottoms (yes please!) this rocks, as does all of this mangaka's work. Super cute but with a lot of substance I love the story as well.
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