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Funny scummy mc! It's really rare you get this sort of almost unrepentant playboy type haha especially a switch one. Don't put too much thought into it~ I wish there were extras :3
This is actually amazing. It's a bit dub conny sure but omg the art style is so hot and I love the way it's written. The uke especially looks great and the seme? Well the seme has very good tastes hehe.
This is amazing I looove this pairing! Tho I'm not gonna lie, if the younger brother and the other delinquent don't get together I may cry because I ship so hard lol
Love it, omg a bottom alpha? Yesss I just wish it was longer
Eehhh it was okay, the art was good the premise was cliche with a little bit of a twist? But I don't know, I just wasn't feeling the plot and ended up skipping a few pages because it was just so meh. It's still good if you like the typical dumb uke, rival seme but the dynamic still didn't feel too romantic in this story in my opinion ah
Aaaaaaaaahhh I got hooked, I want more QAQ big brother does little brother play at a cafe is already a unique plot, it's already a little smutty and the art is also good. Plus they left the first chapter with some draaaama
Super cute! Would have loved more but not complaining. No huge misunderstanding or too much angst, it was all quite fluffy and sweet for you know, a fetish themed story lol
Rating it as a 4 but adding extra star due to the rather unfair one star rating. Like, multiple stories in a volume are super normal, plus the couple's dynamics are all different and cute, tis not groundbreaking but it's a fun read. I mean to be fair tho the main story I would expect to be 2/3 chapters but I think it's was just a oneshot like the others. In fact some other one shots had extras and I don't think the main story did so in a way it doesn't feel like a main story. Still it's multiple stories in one, at least one sex scene and generally it's a story of mutual pining that just needs some communication and sexy times to solve it lol
Art style is very pretty especially their faces im such a fan. Ive only read 1 chap but I'm hoping this isn't a oneshot because the relationship went a bit quick and I really want to see more! It's very cute and lighthearted tho even if it's fast paced
Funny, cute and so, so dumb. Also smutty as. This oneshot made me grin (a lot) and cringe (just a little), it's the stupid uke type with the angry dominant seme type- if it had been a longer story I would have been annoyed at how quick the seme seems to suddenly be into the uke but since it's a oneshot I get why the transition has been brushed over to the point of nonexistence in favor of smut. Overall I recommend it as a quick read but not really one to permanently buy 4.5/5
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