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The first story (teacher/former student) was kinda cute, the couple had some chemistry and depth to their relationship. The second, about a woman who breaks up with a married co-worker only to have another co-worker blackmail her into doing all his work, was okay but predictable. The third, two co-workers agree on a friends-with-benefits arrangement, was the biggest disappointment. The characters were one-dimensional and boring. The art was so-so. Pretty disappointing overall, but it gets an extra star for the first story.
I can see why it's cheap. There's a lot of filler and a lot of white space. The first and second chapters were pretty good and seemed to be picking up nicely (even if the sex was coercive and non-consensual), but the third was all filler. Nothing happens. Guaranteed you could skip it and not lose the plot.
Cute and funny in places, but somehow the ending just didn't land for me. The early chapters were better.
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