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Cute artwork. The professor is hot. The mc female is a little silly, but I'm hopeful she'll grow up.
So cute.
You have to really understand S&M and shibari to get just how good this is. He doesn't coerce her. He takes everything at her pace. He is a very, very good dom.
I absolutely love the artwork. I love how the main male character is drawn. He's so beautiful. Together they are stunning.
This was so hot.
Hot as hell.
I really wish this would get updated. It's dark but very, very satisfying.
This is an incredibly well drawn, but not always well translated, manga. It's all worth the money though, because the main characters are pretty well developed. Safe sex and explicit consent are key themes, as is the main female character's drive to succeed on her own merits in the company workplace. Issues of mysogyny are addressed subtly in the background. It's a really great read despite the hiccups in grammar and spelling. And the sex scenes are scorching hot!
Consent. Suave. Knows exactly what he's doing because he's experienced some life. Respectful. Hot, and believable older. Sophisticated. Good, clean art. Would like more safe sex to be shown, but other than that, this is perfect. What the heck are you waiting for?
It's actually really good. She's struggling to figure out why she has sex so easily instead of pursuing what she really wants, which is having an emotional and physical connection with someone who truly loves her. She grows as a character much more rapidly than the doctor, but he gets there in the end. The other guys who are interested in her also change because they react to her growth. It's an interesting and subversive take on the idea that the female protagonist must be a virgin, or commit to a single person. Instead, she's an unapologetically fully sexual being. Her struggle is about committing to herself first, and the men truly interested in her actually affirm this. It's a rare read, and worth the money, to see that journey.
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