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I do really enjoy this manga. It's a story about two lonely and isolated people loving and accepting each other. I wasn't sure how this manga was going to go after chapter 3, but the actions of Mioto really impressed me. Mioto is an amazing main character - he's smart, logical, and empathetic. Really liked his actions in chapter 11 - so strong. His mental fortitude is just *chefs kiss*. The art is nice and clean, Tsukihito is gorgeous and Mioto is very pretty. Some of the backgrounds are impressive.Definitely would recommend but warning that there are a couple of non-con chapters(4-5 iirc).
The much needed bonus chapter. Finally got to see some action between Masaki and Takaomi.
Everything by this author is fluffy as heaven. I just felt so warm and giddy reading this. Shinya and Arata are both so sweet. They love each other so much it's so cute.
This is incredibly sexy. Artwork is super clean and the sex scenes are some of the best. Ryohei's a kind of jaded guy that sleeps around but finds himself falling for Yuma who is totally in love with Ryohei but never expresses it in words. I love that there's just enough room for interpretation. Ryohei says one thing but his actions reflect otherwise. It's great.
I really enjoyed this series. Sota and Iori are so passionate. However I don't like the recent chapters at all. I don't like the inclusion of Sota's awful brother at all.
This one is very...mellow in the best way possible. Both characters are quite mature and they listen and understand each other, especially Yuto. The art is gorgeous and clean, Hagiwara and Yuto look amazing. Def worth the money and looking forward to more chapters.
Guy with multiple boyfriends ends up falling really hard for one in particular, Tora. Not going to lie, I hesitated picking this one up because I hate infidelity storied but at least Masami makes it very clear to Tora that he has multiple relationships. And Tora...Tora is the sweetest boyfriend ever. I actually cried because of how unconditional his love is. Also love there's kind of a gap moe there with his looks/personality that I am ALL FOR. Also really liked the crossdresser boyfriend - I hope he gets a story of his own. Not typically what I read, but its different from what I expected.
I will most likely not be continuing this due to how the first chapter went. It's fine if Krieg was just rude and cold at the beginning but he did what he did at the end of chapter 1 and I knew this series wasn't for me...The art is very nice though.
I loved all the stories except the last one. The first 4 stories all had really sweet relationships, although I wish they were developed a little more. First story was actually quite romantic towards the end. I really liked Yuu.Second story had me in tears. The relationship development between the couple left something 5o be desired, but they were cute!Asahi from the 3rd story was an absolute gem, so earnest and pure...!I love the relationship between Ara and Akaichi(I think i spelled his name wrong) from the 4th story. They are so kind towards one another. What Akachi tells Ara at the end is so sweet.
The art is very nice. There was one aspect of the 1st couple's story that made me uncomfortable and it wasn't due to the couple itself, but the uke's disturbing backstory...The 2nd couple's story was alright, super smutty, really enjoyed the voice fetish aspect, but Mozu's aesthetic is just my type to the t. I think I enjoyed the 3rd story the most even though I had some problems with it - i related to the seme and the uke was really adorable and sweet.